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Apacs Z Ziggler badminton racket review

Apacs Z Ziggler Badminton Racket Review

Apacs Z Ziggler, one of the most discussed badminton rackets in recent times has features similar to Yonex Nanoray Z-speed and Yonex Voltric Z Force II. This head-heavy, high-string tension racket is for the attacking players who want instant access to power with more control. Apacs Z Ziggler, a fast racket with all the premium features is often compared with rackets priced much higher. It is truly a racket of value for money.

Let’s jump to the review of Apacs Z Ziggler, one of the most sought badminton rackets in India for wide coverage over strokes.

Apacs Z-Ziggler Badminton Racquet | Made in Vietnam
The Apacs Z Ziggler badminton racket is a true game-changer, delivering unrivaled precision and power on the court. With its ultra-slim shaft and compact frame, this racket enables lightning-fast swings and unmatched maneuverability. Engineered with the Triple Speed Platform Frame and crafted from high-modulus graphite, it offers the perfect balance of strength and finesse for aggressive smash play. Elevate your game with the Apacs Z Ziggler racket and dominate the court with style and grace.


  • Weight: 85 ± 3 gms (4U)
  • Frame Material: High Modulus Graphite
  • Shaft Material: High Modulus Graphite
  • Balance: Slightly Head Heavy (290 mm ± 3)
  • Flexibility: Medium
  • String Tension: ≤ 38 lbs
  • Head shape: Isometric
  • Length: 675 mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 6.4 mm
  • Grommets: 76
  • Strung: Strung/ Unstrung
  • Color: Grey
  • Grip: G2
  • Playing Level: All
  • Playing Style: Offensive

Review of Apacs Z Ziggler

Apacs Z Ziggler frame using triple speed platform technology

Triple Speed Platform Frame: Apacs has designed the frame of Z Ziggler with the concept of TSP (Triple Speed Platform) to get more power for smashes, fast racket handling, and good control.

Compact Frame: To get the fast swing speed of a head-heavy racket, the frame weight has been reduced by making it smaller. During the swing of the racket, the air resistance has been drastically reduced. The result is faster racket handling with an increase in swing speed.

Ultra Slim Shaft: The extra slim shaft (Diameter of 6.4 mm) of Apacs Z Ziggler is made using Nano Carbon technology. The aerodynamic slim shaft helps to reduce air resistance for a more powerful hit.

Isometric Head: The isometric shape of this racket increases the hitting area on the string bed by equalizing the length of the cross string and main string. This feature helps amateurs to hit a shuttlecock with the same power even if the point of impact is slightly off-center.

Hi Modulus Graphite: Both the frame and shaft of Apacs Ziggler are made with Hi Modulus graphite which gives strength and high repulsion power.

Singles-Pass Grommet Pattern: The single-pass grommet pattern of the frame allows only a single string through the holes of the grommets. For this, the number of grommet holes increases to 76 for a smoother contact between the frame and strings. The result is better string performance with an increase in durability (approx. 7%).

High Tension Capacity: This Z Ziggler has a high string tension of up to 38 lbs with extreme durability which is a unique feature of rackets from Apacs. This string tension is the highest as per industry standards.


It’s a good balanced racket for every level of players, especially intermediates. Being a head-heavy badminton racquet, you will feel the smash power though clears from back-court need some arm power. The high-string tension of this lightweight Z Ziggler gives you a good command over control for precise placements. Drops and close net play also look easy. To avoid any issue with durability, strung the racket within 28 – 30 lbs.

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The Z Ziggler is a racket with a low price-performance ratio. It is available at a very reasonable price of ₹2199 on Amazon India. Also, you have too many choices of colors.

Apacs Z Ziggler
1. The extra power head design maximizes frame stability, minimizes racket torsion, and increases shuttlecock speed.
2. High String Tension for enhanced control
3. The extra slim shaft makes it even faster.
4. The Z Ziggler is made of ultra-strong carbon graphite material for higher strength and rigidity

Positives of Apacs Z Ziggler

  • Exceptional power
  • Powerful sharp smash
  • Good for drop shots and net play
  • Faster racket handling
  • Good control
  • High repulsion power
  • Great maneuverability
  • Increased string life

Negatives of Apacs Z Ziggler

  • The quality of the racket cover is not good.

About the Brand: Apacs

Apacs Sports, a UK-based company is popular for quality products in the fields of Badminton, Table Tennis, and Tennis from low-end to high-end so that beginners, as well as professional players, can access the best equipment for ultimate satisfaction. The products of this company are gaining popularity due to value for money and high quality which is the result of innovative technology and craftsmanship.

Wrapping Up

Apacs Z Ziggler is the top choice for those attacking players who want instant power with easy racket handling for short, fast rallies. With a decent price tag, this high-performing racket gives you the best value for money.

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