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6 basic shots in badminton to improve your skill

6 Basic Shots in Badminton to Improve Your Skill

If you want to be good at badminton, it is essential to know the basic badminton shots and work on them. But to execute them effectively, you must have knowledge of two fundamental technical skills.

  1. How to hold a badminton racket
  2. Basic footwork in badminton

Basic Shots in Badminton

The following are the 6 basic shots, the knowledge of which is essential for beginners to advance further.

  1. Clear
  2. Drop
  3. Drive
  4. Smash
  5. Lift
  6. Net Kill

Clear Shot

Clear shot in badminton

Clear is a defensive stroke in Badminton and is played from backcourt to backcourt. When you are not in your base position, you need time to gain your position. A clear shot gives you that extra time. The swing of your racket will be upward as well as forward. You have to hit the shuttle high in the air so that the shuttlecock floats in the air before dropping inside of your opponent’s baseline. The higher the trajectory of the birdie, the more defensive the clear shot is.

Drop Shot

Drop shot in badminton

Drop is a semi-offensive shot in badminton. This shot is played from the mid or backcourt to the forecourt of your opponent’s court. An effective drop should be low over the net. Hit at the top of the shuttle with a soft striking approach. The swing of your racket will be in a downward direction. You should play drop shots when your opponent is in the backcourt. It is a deceptive stroke that forces your opponent to fall short of the shuttlecock.

Drive Shot

Drive stroke in badminton

The drive may be a defensive or offensive stroke. It is a flat hit, with the straight head of the racket, over the net pointing towards the mid or backcourt. The drive is more of a wrist action, you need not require a full swing of your racket. It is a fast stroke, so in case of full swing, the shuttle probably will fall outside the court.


Smash, the most aggressive shot

Smash is the most powerful and killer shot in badminton. Here the swing of your racket will be downward as well as forward. You should hit the shuttle at the highest point possible. Whenever there is an opportunity, a good smash often brings points for you. But don’t hit smash every time. Use it as your winning shot. Too often smashing generally ends with errors.

Lift Shot

Lift, the most defensive shot

Lift is the most defensive stroke in badminton. In the case of lift, the swing of your racket is upward. So the trajectory of the birdie is higher even more than the clear shot. When both you and your opponent are in front of the net exchanging the shuttle, a lift shot pushes your opponent to the backcourt. You will get more time to rethink and make a new strategy to come out as a winner in the game. 

But the lift shot is risky, if it is not executed properly, you will find the shuttle in the net.

Net Kill

Net kill stroke in badminton

A net kill is an offensive shot, the purpose of which is to end the rally. This stroke is taken very close to the net to hit the shuttle downwards on the opponent’s side. This is a useful shot when you get a weak and high net shot.

For the video, check the nice visual explanation of the basic badminton shots by KC Badminton.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Practice makes a man perfect

To make effective use of your shots in badminton, you have to practice hard. There is no alternative to hard work. The more you practice, the more unbeatable you will be.

If you have any questions, let me know by entering in the comment section below.

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