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Hey friends! I am Indranil Saha, a guy who is very much passionate about sports since childhood. I started my blogging journey in the mid-2000 with the formation of the website, “Table Tennis Arena“. The support I got from the viewers encouraged me to write about my other favorite sports like badminton and tennis.

The Motive for Launching Racketsports.in

What I have felt from my past experience is that in the early stage of play, most of us don’t get the right exposure to tune ourselves for bigger goals. Familiarization with the fundamental techniques has immense value in every sport and consistently applying the basic fundamentals will uplift the young aspirants to the expert level. From the recreational point of view, we all need some kind of physical activity to keep ourselves physically and mentally fresh, and for that nothing is better than replacing the monotonous physical exercises with the entertainment of one-hour involvement with exciting sports.

Also with the advancement of new innovative technologies, you need the right kind of sports equipment in different stages i.e beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In racket sports, the equipment is the X-factor. With the right selection of equipment, you will certainly start a match with an edge over your opponent.

The Vision of Racketsports.in

We will try to give our utmost effort to help you with simple but effective technical guidance and solutions that not only make you feel better but also grow your interest in Badminton, Tennis, and Table Tennis.

For the reviews of equipment, we analyze nuts and bolts to conclude the effectiveness of every piece of equipment to give you the best solution.

Indranil Saha, the author of the website, racket sports

To tell about me, I am a simple guy who believes and values honesty. By launching Racket Sports.in, I will try to do justice with my passion by writing helpful technical guides and reviews on the latest equipment for these amazing sports.

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