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Benefits of playing badminton

16 Amazing Benefits of Playing Badminton

The benefits of playing badminton are huge, it is more than the other racket sports. Playing badminton is more beneficial than the routine-oriented gym to keep yourself fit. It is not monotonous, but it is total entertainment to keep you engaged socially. The benefits not only improve your health condition but also affects your mental health to keep sharp and smart.

Health Benefits of Playing Badminton

From our childhood, all we know is the word, “Health is wealth”. You need some physical activity to keep you fresh and fit. And in this respect, the role of playing badminton can fulfill your every requirement.

1. Always Keeps Your Physique  in Shape

The weight loss, a huge benefits of playing badminton

In today’s world, everyone wants a slim, fat-free body to keep weight within the permissible limit and badminton can play an anchor role in this purpose by burning the fat in the body. A one-hour badminton play can burn approximately 500 calories which is hard to achieve by playing any other sport. By playing badminton regularly, you can continue to burn calories to keep your body in optimal shape.

2. Keeps the Heart and Lungs in Good Shape

A high level of cholesterol shortens the diameter of the blood vessels which reduces the blood flow rate. Playing badminton strengthens the heart muscles which increases the blood flow rate. This increased flow of blood unclogs the blocked walls of the heart to reduce the chances of a heart attack. Also, the better circulation of blood improves the functioning of the lungs.

3. Increases Breathing Capacity

Badminton is a very fast game. The shuttles will fly to every corner of the court within a brisk of time. You have to make yourself present in every place to give a valid return. It is not easy when you are a beginner and it is hard to play for 20 minutes at a stretch. But as you play more, within a year, your playing capability increases and you will be able to stay connected for nearly 1 hour. Thus this wonderful game will continue to increase your breathing capacity.

4. Tones Your Muscles

The player is trying to make a shot during a badminton match

This fast-paced game forces you to react lightning-fast. You have to reach every corner of the court and stretch your body to get near the shuttle. This quick stretching tones your muscles like core muscles, calves, quads, and hamstrings into a perfect shape.

 5. Improves Flexibility and Balance

The player jumps high to smash in badminton which is a great benefit of playing badminton as it improves flexibility and balance.

In badminton, you have to jump and bend your body to play a forehand smash or a backhand smash. You also have to change your direction in a quick span of time which improves your flexibility and overall balance to a great extent.

6. Reduces the Chances of Diabetes

Badminton play is a very good exercise that brings down the production of the level of sugar by the liver. This reduction of the sugar level helps you stay away from being affected by diabetes.

7. Improves Metabolism

Metabolism is the process of converting the calories in food into a form of energy. The game of badminton needs high energy, it makes you sweat from your tip to toe. In this process, playing badminton helps you to boost your metabolism by combining calories in food and beverages with oxygen to release the energy that your body needs during the game.

8. Reduces Hypertension

In badminton, you have to be focused to stay connected in the game. At that time, your total concentration will be on the game. Your mood will be positive. This helps stay away from anxieties and stresses. This active participation in the game keeps you fresh and increases deep sleep.

9. Increases Bone Strength

Badminton play gradually increases bone density for better strength of the bone. It also keeps developing the calcium latex which adds to increasing the strength of the bone.

10. Develops the Reflex

The player stretches his body to make a return in badminton

Badminton is a fast game. As the shuttlecock travels within a brief span of length, your reaction time is very less. So you have to react quickly to return the shuttle. In this process, your muscle movement develops, which eventually refines your reflex. The more you play, the more your reflex will develop.

11. Increases Mobility

As we get older, we become slow and mobility becomes restricted. But playing badminton has a great effect on improved mobility by keeping the joints of the bones busy and lubricating them to maintain a top-notch fitness level.

Mental Benefits of Playing Badminton

The benefits of playing badminton not only cover the health side but also, it has a great effect to nourish your mental health.

1. Increase Mental Alertness

From the start of the game, the shuttlecock will fly from one part of your court to the other part of your opponent’s court. You have to concentrate hard to keep pace with the game. This fast game needs quick instant thinking, like the placement of the shuttle, use of forehand and backhand smash, deep serve, or short serve to deceive your opponent. This increases your mental alertness to make you smarter than before.

2. Sharpens Your Brain

Badminton is a strategic game. This game requires preplanning, and implementation of your plan during the game and if that plan fails, then switch over to the next alternative plan. Like there may be planning A, B, and C. If plan A doesn’t work, switch over to plan B or C according to the situation of the match and the strength of your opponent. This gradually increases your level of intelligence and aids in your overall brain functioning.

Social Benefits of Playing Badminton

Your active social participation is also one of the great benefits of playing badminton which helps connect with new people, get rid of the monotonous life, and improve self-belief and personality.

1. Makes New Friends

Players are celebrating after a badminton match

The game of badminton involves two or four players. This helps interact with new people which converts into a good friendships. In the doubles match when you are paired with another player, you will discuss the strategies before each point. This exchange of ideas builds cohesiveness and bonding which turns into a great friendship to boost your social health.

2. Great Way to Engage your Kids

Today’s kids are more technology savvy. They love to engage with mobiles, laptops, tablets, and televisions. That not only forces them with an early spectacle but also restrains them from physical activities that are a must in the early ages. By introducing a regular badminton session in the daily activities, you can keep them busy with some physical activities and have a nice family time.

3. Exchanging Ideas Enriches the Knowledge Bank

You can play badminton irrespective of your age. A 10-year-old boy can play with a 60-year-old veteran and may learn the values of life. In the badminton club, you will meet people, exchange views, make fun, and build great social relationships.

Wrapping Up

In this era of the competitive world, there is a lot of anxiety, and tension everywhere which drains out all your energy at the end of the day. A one-hour badminton play can be the ideal solution to get rid of all the stress. So start to enjoy the benefits of playing badminton that can give a new dimension to your life by boosting your physical, mental, and social health.

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