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Apacs finapi 232 badminton racket review

Apacs Finapi 232 Badminton Racket Review

Apacs Finapi 232, one of the latest models from the Finapi series has been designed exclusively for marketing in India. This is a high-tension, medium-flex badminton racket that gives you high performance over price. Attacking players who want instant power in their shots with good control and prefer smash strokes on more occasions would love to play with this racket.

Apacs finapi 232 badminton racket

Apacs Finapi 232 Badminton Racket: Specifications 

Frame Material30 Tonne Japan graphite 
Shaft Material24 Tonne Japan graphite
Shaft Diameter7.5 mm
Head TypeAero wide
Balance PointEven balanced (285 ± 3) mm
Shaft FlexibilityMedium flex 
String TensionUp to 38 lbs
Grip SizeG1 (4″) 
Strung/ UnstrungUnstrung
Grommet76 holes
Weight(86 ± 1) gm (4U)

Review of Apacs Finapi 232

Apacs finapi 232 frame built on triple speed platform
Finapi 232 badminton racket developed with carbon nanotube material

The FINAPI 232 from Apacs is built on the concept of a “Triple Speed System” which helps to get more power in smashes and also a better racket handling for more control of your game.

This is an even balance racket where the balance point lies at 285 ± 3 mm distance from the bottom of the racket handle. This will act as an allrounder to cover a wide range of shots which is especially beneficial to beginners and intermediate players.

Frame Design

The frame of Finapi 232 is made with the concept of Aero wide. That means the head is slightly wider than the isometric head shape. This gives more sweet spots for powerful shots which eventually helps amateurs to a great extent. Also, the aerodynamic shape of the racket frame reduces air resistance. This increases the rebound speed of the badminton racket to recover quickly after heavy smashes.

The most noticeable part of Finapi 232 is the maximum string tension of 38 lbs which is a common feature of most Apacs rackets. The high tension helps to produce sharp powerful smashes to give edges over your opponent.

Shaft Design

The slim shaft is made with innovative carbon nanotube technology. The mechanical tensile strength of carbon nanotube is 400 times that of steel and also, and the material is very lightweight with a one-sixth density of steel. So the introduction of carbon nanotube increases the strength and durability of the Apacs Finapi 232 and also makes it a lightweight badminton racket.

The racket has a slim shaft of 7.5 mm diameter which is slightly bigger than the Apacs Z-Ziggler. The slim shaft enhances the flexibility of the racket to induce more power with less effort.

Apacs Finapi 232 is a medium flex racket that maintains a good balance among easy access to power, control, and quick return of shots.


The grip of Apacs Finapi 232 is not G4 which is found in most badminton rackets. This racket has a larger 4″ (G1) grip which utilizes more arm action rather than wrist action.

Positives of Apacs Finapi 232

  • Powerful smashes
  • Good for netplay 
  • Good for drop shot
  • Better control
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Value for money

Negatives of Apacs Finapi 232

  • Suitable for offensive players with good techniques
  • String durability is not on the higher side


To summarize this article, it may be concluded that the Finapi 232 is an excellent choice for offensive players who look for powerful sharp smashes from a close distance and instant power with good control in short rallies. By the use of the requisite arm power, this lightweight is also quite handy to clear the shuttle to the opponent’s baseline or an easy drop shot from the back of the court

At a price of nearly 1500, this racket offers great value for money with all the good features that you will often find in high-end rackets.

I have tried hard to highlight the nuts and bolts of the Apacs Finapi 232 badminton racket. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment box below.

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