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Yonex astrox smash badminton racket review

Yonex Astrox Smash Badminton Racket Review

Yonex Astrox Smash is a head-heavy, medium-flex badminton racket that has a featherlight weight of 73 grams. This racket increases the smash power by using a special technology called the Rotational Generator System and makes the angle of smashes steeper. With a reasonable price tag, players not only enjoy this ultra-lightweight racket but also get dramatically improved results in performance with sharper, powerful shots.

Let’s dive into the review of the Yonex Astrox Smash, the lightweight power weapon.

Yonex Astrox Smash badminton racket


  • Frame Material: H.M. Graphite + Tungsten
  • Shaft Material: H.M. Graphite + Nanomesh Neo
  • Weight: 73 +/- 2 gms  (F)
  • Balance: Head Heavy (300 mm +/- 3)
  • Flexibility: Medium
  • String Tension: 28 lbs
  • Length: 672 mm +/- 2
  • Grommets: 76
  • Color: 5 Colors
  • Playing Level: Intermediate
  • Playing Style: Defensive/ Offensive

Review of Yonex Astrox Smash Badminton Racket

Rotational Generator System: In Yonex Astrox Smash the weight is distributed uniformly throughout the grip, t-joint, and upper frame. So there is a better transmission of input energy from the grip end to the frame top. This increases the efficiency of this racket by the smoother transition from one shot to the next shot.

Nanomesh Neo: The graphite shaft of Astrox Smash is very slim (7.2 mm approx.). To increase strength and flexibility, Nanomesh Neo technology is used in this racket. Nanomesh Neo is a material that is used to quickly recover the initial position after hitting the shuttlecock. It is an additive material that makes a tighter and stronger bond between graphite fibers and resin. This has two distinct advantages. Firstly, when you hit the shuttlecock, the shaft bends more for better transmission of energy to the shuttle. Secondly, due to the enhancement of flexibility, the racket also returns to its initial position quickly to prepare for the next shot in a better way.

Yonex astrox smash aero + box frame

Aero + Box Frame: The frame of Yonex Astrox Smash has a combination of aerodynamic and box design. The upper part of the frame is aerodynamic, then there is a transformation from aerodynamic to box, and the lower part is box-designed. The aero frame design reduces the resistance of air resulting in an increase in racket swing speed while the box design enhances the strength and stability of the frame.

Built-in T-joint: There is an increased racket strength and durability due to the new built-in T-joint. 

Isometric Head: This racket has an enlarged sweet spot with a more intersectional area between cross strings and main strings. This is advantageous, particularly for beginners for hitting a shuttlecock with the same power even if it is slightly off-center.

76 Grommet Holes: Astrox Smash features a new single-pass grommet pattern where a single string is passed through the grommet hole. To accommodate this stringing pattern, 76 grommet holes are provided in the frame for smoother and frictionless contact between strings and the frame. This increases the performance and durability of the string bed.

Control Support Cap: The control support cap provides a flatter surface for easier gripping and maneuverability.

Price of Yonex Astrox Smash

The Astrox Smash badminton racket is available at a price of 2574 rupees on Amazon India, which is definitely higher in terms of the benefit-cost ratio. You also have the option to choose between “Navy White Blue”, “Black Flash Red”, and “Black Clear Orange”.

Yonex Astrox Smash
The Yonex Astrox Smash is an excellent badminton racket that offers powerful shots and quick swings. It's very lightweight, so you can play comfortably for a long time. Also, it’s quite affordable. Perfect for intermediate players who want to dominate in both versions of the game with speed and strength!


  • More powerful smashes
  • Sharper smashes
  • Good control
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good for fast rallies
  • Great for doubles play
  • Comes with a waterproof racket cover
  • A most renowned and trusted brand like Yonex


  • Changing the string is required to get the best from this racket

Wrapping Up

Yonex Astrox Smash is one of the best lightweight rackets for intermediate players who want to dominate their opponents with powerful smashes. Another advantage of this racket is that it is an all-rounder, you can use this racket both for singles and doubles games.

With a decent price tag, this high-performing Astrox Smash is one of the best badminton rackets under 3000 in India.

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