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Badminton, an indoor or outdoor game?

Is Badminton an Indoor or Outdoor Game?

One of the know-how of every sport is the playing environment. Sports like football, cricket, and golf are played outdoors whereas squash is an indoor game. What about badminton, indoor or outdoor?

Badminton is very similar to table tennis, you can play in a closed environment as well as under the sky. It depends on your intention for the play.  Badminton is played indoors when players participate in a competitive environment to develop their skills. Outdoor badminton is when you just want to play, you don’t bother about the rules or constraints, and your sole intention is to enjoy the game in a friendly manner with friends and family members.

Why is Badminton an Indoor Sport?

An indoor badminton court

Badminton is an indoor sport because of the shuttlecock, the ball of badminton. Badminton is a game of quick flex, proper timing, and responsiveness. Predicting the trajectory and speed of a shuttle has the utmost importance. A shuttlecock is very lightweight, only 4.74 grams to 5.50 grams. A shuttlecock is made of 16 feathers fixed on the base where the length of feathers from the tip to the top of the base is within the range of 62 mm to 70 mm. Being such a lightweight object, the thrust area against air is huge for a shuttlecock. A tiny breeze can affect the path of a shuttlecock which makes it very difficult for proper shot-making.

Indoor badminton has minimal interference from the air, and the movement of a shuttlecock is defined and uniform throughout the playing season. The judgment of the trajectory of a shuttlecock depends on skills, techniques, and experience.

Can Badminton be Played Outdoors?

Badminton is enjoyed outdoor
Outdoor badminton

Yes, badminton can be played outdoors for fun and enjoyment. The popularity of badminton has been boosted due to its outdoor version, where people enjoy the game in gardens and beaches. But there are several constraints of outdoor badminton.

1. Weather (Wind, Rain)

As stated above, the wind is the main obstacle to competitive badminton. It is not possible to predict the movement of a shuttle against an undefined wind speed. In windy weather, shuttlecocks behave differently, they may fly over your head or fall short of you. But when you play for recreation, it does not matter much, rather it adds to the fun. 

Bad weather conditions restrict you from playing outdoors. A sudden drizzle not only can spoil the game but also damage your pricy feather shuttlecocks. 

2. Light

In badminton, you need to follow the shuttlecock looking upwards. On a bright sunny day, it is very difficult to track the shuttlecock against the sunlight’s glare. On the other hand, bad visibility in the evening may disturb the playability of the game. 

3. Flooring

Indoor badminton is played on a wooden floor/ synthetic track for proper footwork. But for the outdoors, slippery mud or uneven bumps not only hinder your footwork movement but also have the risk of injuries.

Despite the difficulties, outdoor badminton has its enjoyment and excitement. In winter, outdoor badminton is very popular in India, where people make lighting arrangements to enjoy the game at night.

Badminton, Indoor or Outdoor?

Badminton played indoors or outdoors, has its style for the commitment to the game. Indoor badminton is for serious players who head toward the stadium with a kitbag on the back. But you may not find indoor courts everywhere. For players who love to play badminton without bothering the development of skills, outdoor badminton is ideal for them to experience the excitement of the game. It can also bring colors to weekend picnics with your relatives, friends, and near ones. 

Nevertheless, playing badminton, indoors or outdoors, has a great benefit on your physical, mental, and social health.

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  1. As an avid badminton player, I found this article to be a great exploration of the question of whether badminton is an indoor or outdoor game. The article highlights the fact that both indoor and outdoor badminton can be played, each with its own unique style and benefits. The emphasis on the importance of indoor badminton for serious players, and outdoor badminton for leisurely and fun-filled games, is particularly noteworthy. I appreciate how the article provides a well-rounded perspective on this topic, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about the game of badminton.

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