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Pickleball net height

What is the Official Height of a Pickleball Net?

Pickleball is easy to play and fun for everyone. But maintaining the right pickleball net height is essential to enjoy the excitement and competitive nature of the game. If the net is set high than the recommended height, it will be hard to bounce the ball inside the court and if the height of the net is low, the easiness to put the ball into the pickleball court will make it a nothing game.

In a nutshell, the official height of a pickleball net is 34 inches in the middle and 36 inches at the posts. 

To get more about net height, let’s dive into details.

What are the Rules for Pickleball Net Height?

The net used for the game of pickleball

A pickleball net is the central divider of 20 feet by 44 feet court. The net is supported by two posts beyond the sidelines of the court. It acts as a barrier between two players/ teams so that the ball can’t pass through it. 

The aim of maintaining the proper height of a pickleball net is to make the game more exciting and competitive. All rules regarding the net height are governed by the USA Official Pickleball Rulebook.

  • Any mesh fabric material may be used for the net but the netting must not allow the ball to pass through the net.
  • A cable/ cord is attached at the top for the purpose of tensioning the net. A 2” (5.08 cm) white tape is used to cover the cable or cord.
  • The supporting posts are outside the sidelines across the middle of the court. The net post should not be more than 3” (7.62 cms) in diameter.
  • The distance from the inside of one post to the inside of the other post should be 22 feet (6.71 m).
  • The net should be at least 21 feet 9 inches in length and 30 inches in depth.
  • The recommended position of posts should be 1 foot beyond the sidelines.
  • At the center, a strap is used to hold the net tightly to the ground for the purpose of maintaining the required net height at the center.

What is the Pickleball Net Height in Feet, Inches, and Cms?

Height of a pickleball net in the middle and at the posts

The below chart depicts the net height in different units, i.e. feet, inches, and cms.

Pickleball net height in the middle2.833486.36
Pickleball net height at the posts33691.44

Pickleball Net Height Vs Tennis Net Height

Like in every racket sport, in tennis and pickleball, maintaining the proper net height plays a crucial role in the playability of the game. Though there are many similarities between nets used in these sports, these are some key differences that should be kept in mind when using a tennis net for the game of pickleball.


  • Both pickleball and tennis nets are made with mesh fabric with a cable or cord running through the top covered by a 2” white tape.
  • For both sports, the supporting net posts are outside the sideline of the court.
  • The diameter of posts (3”) used in pickleball is the same as the second posts used for singles in tennis.
  • Both in pickleball and tennis, a strap is used to hold down the net tightly to maintain the required height at the center of the court.


  • The key difference is the height of the net during play. While the official height of a regulation pickleball net is 34” at the center and 36” at the posts, a standard tennis net is set at a height of 36” at the center and 42” at the posts.
  • The net used for tennis is also wider than a pickleball net. The length of a tennis net is 42’ for doubles and 33’ for singles whereas a pickleball net is 21’ 9” in length.
  • For pickleball, only one pair of posts is used for the game. But in tennis, one-second pair of posts is used for singles if a doubles net is used for the singles game.
  • Because tennis balls are relatively heavier than the wiffle balls used for pickleball, tennis nets are sturdier and heavier than pickleball nets to resist the impact of tennis balls.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the size of a pickleball net?

A pickleball net should be at least 21 feet 9 inches (6.63 m) in length and 30 inches in depth from top to bottom.

2. How far is the net post from the sideline of a pickleball court?

Posts should be positioned at a distance of 1 foot extending the sidelines of the court.

3. What is the standard size of a pickleball court?

A standard pickleball court is 44 ft long and 20 ft wide both for singles and doubles play. The minimum playing surface area is 60 ft by 30 ft.

4. How wide are pickleball court lines?

All the marking lines used on a pickleball court are 2 inches (5.08 cm) wide.

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