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5 most famous badminton tournaments in india

The 5 Most Important Badminton Tournaments in India

Domestic badminton tournaments in India are organized under the supervision of the Badminton Association of India. These major tournaments are conducted under different age categories, i.e. under 11, 13, 15 (Sub Junior), 17 (Sub Junior), 19 (Junior), and Senior. All these tournaments are two types, Ranking Tournaments, and National Championships. There may be many Ranking tournaments but the most famous National Championship for each category is held only once at the end of the calendar year. Also, the points in the National Championships are relatively higher than in the Ranking competitions. The purpose of participation in these domestic events is to collect valuable ranking points which eventually determine the eligibility to represent India at the international level.

There is one Inter-Institutional Championship conducted each year with several affiliated institutions.

Also, there are Masters Ranking and National tournaments for veterans under various age categories starting from 35+ to 75+ with a gap of 5 years like 40+, 45+,….75+.

Apart from these major domestic events, the famous Premier Badminton League was introduced in 2016.

Major Domestic Badminton Tournaments in India

1. All India Ranking Tournaments

  1. Under 11 (Mini)
  2. Under 13 (Sub Junior)
  3. Under 15 & 17 (Sub Junior)
  4. Under 19 (Junior)
  5. Senior
  6. Masters

2. National Championships

  1. Under 11 (Mini)
  2. Under 13 (Sub Junior)
  3. Under 15 & 17 (Sub Junior)
  4. Under 19 (Junior)
  5. Senior
  6. Masters

3. Inter Institutions Championships

4. Premier Badminton League

Ranking Badminton TournamentEvent Category
All India Mini (Under 11)BS, GS
All India Sub Junior (Under 13)BS, GS, BD, GD
All India Sub Junior (Under 15 & 17)BS, GS, BD, GD, XD
All India Junior (Under 19)BS, GS, BD, GD, XD
All India SeniorMS, WS, MD, WD, XD
All India MastersMS, WS, MD, WD, XD (35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+)
Inter-InstitutionalIndividual & Team Events
National Badminton ChampionshipsEvent Category
Mini (Under 11)BS, GS
Sub Junior (Under 13)BS, GS, BD, GD
Sub Junior (Under 15 & 17)BS, GS, BD, GD, XD & Team Championship
Junior (Under 19)BS, GS, BD, GD, XD & Team Championship
SeniorMS, WS, MD, WD, XD, & Team Championship
MastersMS, WS, MD, WD, XD(35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+)

(BS- Boys Singles, GS- Girls Singles, BD- Boys Doubles, GD- Girls Doubles, MS- Men’s Singles, WS- Women’s Singles, MD- Men’s Doubles, WD- Women’s Doubles, XD- Mixed Doubles)

1. All India Ranking Badminton Tournaments

These major badminton events are vital for getting exposure to the competitive environment and vital ranking points. Also, good results help to acquire top seeding in National Championships. The Ranking Tournaments are organized in different venues for specified age groups. All age groups except those under 11 and 13  can play for 5 events, i.e. Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. The tournament under 11 is for Boys and Girls Singles events whereas players under 13 can contest in both singles and doubles (Boys and Girls).

The maximum number of participants is limited to 64 and 32 for singles and doubles respectively (men/ boys and women/ girls). A limited number of top players of each State Association get the chance to contest in the All India Ranking Tournaments.

The amounts of prize money for the toppers are different for all age groups. The winner in singles for the Junior event (﹤19) gets a cash award of ₹39000 whereas, for the under 15 age category, the prize money is ₹29000 for the events in 2022.

2. National Badminton Championships

The nature of the National Championships event is the same as Ranking Tournaments except for some differences. The points and rewards are more in this most important tournament held once a year. Also, there is a team event (except under 11 & 13) contested between State Associations. The winners of this prestigious tournament are honored as Champions of India.

3. Masters Badminton Tournaments (Ranking & National Championships)

These events are specified for upper age categories, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, and 75+. Every representative of State Associations can play a maximum of 3 events, 1 Singles, 1 Doubles, and 1 Mixed Doubles if otherwise eligible by date of birth. The motto of this recreational event is to increase the popularity of the beautiful game of badminton.

4. Inter-Institutional Badminton Championships

This special category event is only held once a year and contested between several affiliated institutions like Railways, Post Offices, Customs, and Petroleums under the BAI (Badminton Association of India).

The tournament is organized for the Mixed Team Event and individual championships. The winner of the Team Event is decided based on five matches, i.e. 2 Singles (Men & Women), 2 Doubles (Men & Women), and 1 Mixed Doubles. Each participating institution can play for a maximum of 2 Singles, 1 Doubles, and 1 Mixed Doubles for individual events.

5. Premier Badminton League

PBL (Premier Badminton League) is a famous league in India comprising 7 teams. Top international and Indian talents become part of 7 franchises in an auction system at the end of each season.

  1. North Eastern Warriors
  2. Bengaluru Raptors
  3. Mumbai Rockets
  4. Chennai Superstarz
  5. Hyderabad Hunters
  6. Awadhe Warriors
  7. Pune 7 Aces

Top international players like Carolina Marin of Spain, Victor Axelsen of Denmark, P.V. Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, and Kidambi Srikanth of India have been the star attraction of this popular badminton league.

One interesting feature of PBL is the Trump System. All teams strategically select one of their matches that they have to play as a “TRUMP MATCH”. A victory over a “TRUMP MATCH” gives the team a bonus point whereas, a defeat gives a negative point.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to participate in badminton tournaments in India?

For open and district-level tournaments, any eligible candidate can participate. But for recognized events under the guidance of BAI, every participation comes through the request of State Associations. A few top players of each State Association get the chance to contest and for this, they have to perform very well in the State Level Tournaments. The eligible players get the BAI-ID after the registration process with the requisite entry fee.

2. What is the most prestigious badminton tournament in India?

The National Championships is the most prestigious tournament organized by the badminton Federation of India.

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