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Badminton racquet dimensions and measurement details

Everything About Badminton Racket Length and Size

A badminton racket has several parts like a head, shaft, handle, and strings which govern the total length and size of the racket. So what are the length and size of a badminton racket? Many of us have a curious note on this topic. 

In this article, I have tried to cover every point regarding the dimensions of a badminton racket to present a detailed picture in front of you. 

What is the Standard Length/ Size of a Badminton Racket?

Badminton racket length and size

The length between the top of the head and the bottom of the handle indicates the total length of a racket. A standard badminton racquet is 665 – 675 mm (26.18″ – 26.57″) longer and 220 – 230 mm (8.66″ – 9.06″) wider as shown in the above diagram.

DimensionUnit in MMUnit in CMUnit in Inches
Length665 – 675 mm66.5 – 67.5 cm26.18” – 26.57”
Width220 – 230 mm22 – 23 cm8.66” – 9.06”

What are the Maximum Permissible Length and Width of a Racket?

There is an optimum length of a racket fixed by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). To get the maximum length, only the shaft is made longer. BWF has made it clear that a badminton racket can’t be over 680 mm in length and 230 mm in width.

While the Li-Ning rackets have an overall length of 675 mm, the size of most of the new Yonex rackets like the Nanoflare 800, Voltric Z Force II, or Astrox 100 ZZ is highlighted with a 10 mm longer shaft, i.e. 680 mm. Though there is a marginal decrease in maneuverability, the advantage of a longer shaft is the access to more power which is beneficial for increasing smash power in your game.

DimensionUnit in MMUnit in CMUnit in Inches
Maximum Length680 mm68 cm26.77”
Maximum Width230 mm23 cm9.06”

Maximum Permissible Size of the Stringed Area of a Badminton Racket

The string bed of a racquet consists of horizontal strings and vertical strings which either are interlaced or bonded at the point of the crossing. As per rules, the stringed area of a racket frame shall not exceed 280 mm (11”) in length and 220 mm (8.66”) in width.

However, an exception of an extra 50 mm length and 35 mm width has been allowed for racquets with a throat portion which is rare to see in modern days badminton rackets.

MeasurementUnit in MMUnit in CMUnit in Inches
Length (Stringed Area)280 mm28 cm11”
Width (Stringed Area)220 mm22 cm8.66”

What are the Different Types of Racquet Head Shapes?

In all brands, there are two common sizes of racquet heads, i.e. squarish and oval-shaped. In a square shape head, you will get a more intersectional area between horizontal and vertical strings. This is especially advantageous for beginners to react over an enlarged stringed area for hitting a shuttlecock. Yonex’s trademark isometric frame is a good example of that.

The oval-shaped head is more aerodynamic but has a relatively smaller hitting area (sweet spot). Many professionals prefer this type of head to generate more power over a concentrated area with better control.

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