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Reviews of top 6 best table tennis tables in India in different price segments

The 6 Best Table Tennis Tables in India (2024) for Ultimate Gameplay

Investing in a table tennis table in India is a good idea. Apart from the convenience of practice, it keeps you physically and mentally fit. But they are costly items and there are also huge price differences from ₹50000 to ₹15000. So a careful selection is essential to make it a price-worthy investment for a long time.

I have been playing table tennis for many years and with my experience, I have picked up the 6 best table tennis tables in India in different price segments according to your needs and budget. There is also a detailed buying guide at the end so that you can easily select the best out of so many choices.

Stag 1000dx/ best overall table tennis table in India
Size2740 x 1525 x 760 mm (9 x 5 x 2.5 ft)
Tabletop Thickness25 mm
Frame Size25 x 50 mm
Wheel Diameter100 mm
Weight128 Kgs
ApprovalITTF (International Table Tennis Federation)

STAG Global 1000 DX is a top-quality professional-level table used in the State and National level tournaments including the Asian and Commonwealth Championships. The per-laminated high-quality top has been made with wood and wood derivatives to provide excellent bounce without any vibration for maintaining the tournament-quality standard. The laminated surface is protected by the DuPont polyurethane anti-glare paint. The smoothness of the outer surface has been enhanced by the silkscreen printing. All these result in perfection in bounce and spin and also make the tabletop durable.

The thickness of the tabletop is 25 mm, the highest as per industry standard. It gives the best bounce quality for a satisfying playing experience.

The thick tabletop is supported by a strong 25 x 50 mm steel frame that prevents it from sagging for years to come. The table tennis table comes with two separate halves that can be joined together with the help of a net at the center. The table halves can be folded easily and glided to the desired locations by the attached wheels. Out of the total 8 wheels, 4 wheels have the locking arrangements to keep the table secured in play and storage conditions. Also, there are safety locks to prevent accidental opening when the table is in folded condition.

STAG 1000 DX, an excellent combination of design, material, and performance, tops for the best table tennis table in India. This superior ITTF-approved (International Table Tennis Federation) table is available at a reasonable price of 50000 rupees on Amazon India.


  • Ultimate bounce quality for the best playing experience
  • Sturdy undercarriage for enhanced durability
  • Minimum assembly time needed (approx. 10 minutes)
  • Playback facility for practicing without the support of a playing partner
  • Good quality net and post system
  • Comes with 2 rackets, 3 balls (3-star), and one table cover


  • Costly
  • Included rackets are suitable for amateurs
Stag Active (25 mm), the best table tennis table in India for home use
Size2740 x 1525 x 760 mm (9 x 5 x 2.5 ft)
Tabletop Thickness25 mm
Weight95 Kgs

STAG Active series tables are designed with the motto to use in homes. The Active 25 is the top model for the best gaming experience.

It is also a standard-size 25 mm table tennis table that offers good quality bounce. It is also compact, foldable, and equipped with all the necessary supportive arrangements like the above 1000 DX except for some compromises to make the Active 25 affordable to buy.

To make the precision at the highest level, in STAG 1000 DX, silkscreen striping is used on the outer surface along with DuPont polyurethane anti-glare coating whereas the Active 25 has the DuPont polyurethane anti-glare painted outer playing surface.

Also, the Active 25 is comparatively less sturdy which is advantageous in terms of portability for home use. STAG 1000 DX has 4 lockable wheels, whereas the Active 25 has the locking provision in 2 wheels.

It is easy to maintain the tension for perfect net height across the table with the supplied good standard screw-on net and posts.

With a very balanced combination of affordability and playability, the STAG Active 25 is the best table tennis table in India for use in homes.


  • Very good bounce quality
  • Compact and foldable
  • Less storage space required
  • Minimum assembly time needed
  • Height levelers for alignment on uneven surfaces
  • It comes with 1 cover, 2 rackets, and 6 balls
  • Great value for money


  • Not for use in tournaments
  • Not suitable for professionals
Fieldsheer Deuce 701 in (18 mm) table tennis table
Size2740 x 1525 x 760 mm (9 x 5 x 2.5 ft)
Tabletop Thickness18 mm
Frame Size40 x 20 mm
Leg Size25 x 25 mm
Wheel Diameter50 mm
Weight80 kgs

Fieldsheer Deuce 701 IN, a great return on investment, is an excellent economical option to engage yourself with table tennis.

It consists of an 18 mm UV long-lasting painted smooth tabletop. The steel powder-coated frame support is sturdy and rust-proof. The tabletop sits on powder-coated 25 mm steel square legs attached to 50 mm wheels. Out of 8 wheels, 4 wheels have brake systems to prevent misalignment during play and safety when the table is folded.

The Deuce 701 IN has all the facilities that you expect from a standard table tennis table. It also has height adjusters to give you relief from alignment on uneven surfaces.

Considering the value it provides, the Fieldsheer Deuce is an excellent buy for use in homes, schools, and offices in India. You also get supplementary paddle sets, balls, and a flat table cover.


  • Good build quality
  • Sturdy undercarriage
  • Nice looks and catchy blue color
  • Easy to set up and move
  • Playback facility
  • Great for recreational use
  • Affordable
  • Excellent value for money


  • Not tournament standard
Stag Iconic Stealth, the best recreational ping pong table in India
Size2740 x 1525 x 760 mm (9 x 5 x 2.5 ft)
Tabletop Thickness18 mm
Frame Size20 x 30 mm
Leg Size30 mm rounded
Wheel Diameter125 mm
Weight95 kgs

Stag Iconic Stealth is a rollaway type table tennis table. This single-trolley system is perfect for alignment but takes slightly more storage space.

It has an 18 mm matte-finished anti-glare and anti-skid playing surface for good ball bounce. The main benefit is the fully controlled opening and closing of the table halves. It takes no effort for the folding and unfolding works. 

Another good thing is the permanent net system. It gives you relief from manual actions for play or storing. The table comes with 125 mm bigger wheels which ease the work for gliding the folded table to desired locations.

There are also storage facilities for rackets and balls that make the Stag Iconic Stealth, the ultimate choice for the best recreational table tennis table in India.


  • Attractive and well-finished
  • Excellent folding/ unfolding technology
  • Self-opening legs restrict any manual action 
  • Compact for safe transport and storage
  • Permanent net and post system
  • Protective corners to safeguard children
  • Large dual wheels for easy transportation
  • Great for recreational use
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for advanced players
  • Assembly work needs some effort (approx. 1 hour)
Gymnco perfect 18 mm ping pong table
Size2740 x 1525 x 760 mm (9 x 5 x 2.5 ft)
Tabletop Thickness18 mm
Frame Size40 x 20 mm
Leg SizeFront: 25 x 25 mm, Back: 50 x 25 mm
Wheel Diameter50 mm
Weight90 kgs

GYMNCO Perfect is an affordable solution to your recreational play. It is an 18 mm regulation-size table that comes with 1 net, 1 table cover, 1 pair of bats, and 3 balls.

The Gymnco Perfect is made with particle board which is not as good as MDF, used in the above-mentioned STAG tables. The table is crafted with polyurethane paint on the outer surface. The tabletop sits on a sturdy 40 x 20 mm steel metal frame which prevents it from bending after long use. 

The foldable table is very compact to store within a manageable space when it is not in use. It also supports the playback facility to keep you engaged with ping pong when you have no playing partner.

The main attraction is its lucrative price. You can get this decent performer at ₹15399 on Amazon India, which is great considering its worth.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Strong built-up
  • Compact & foldable
  • Easy to install
  • Great for recreation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Value for money
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not for serious practice
  • The quality of the included net is not good
Gymnco Practice, a 16 mm table tennis table
Size2740 x 1525 x 760 mm (9 x 5 x 2.5 ft)
Tabletop Thickness16 mm
Frame Size40 x 20 mm
Leg Size25 x 25 mm
Wheel Diameter50 mm
Weight70 kgs

Gymnco Practice is built with almost the same configurations as the Perfect model except it uses a 16 mm tabletop. This cuts down the price with a slight sacrifice of bounce quality. Apart from the price, the other benefit is the portability. The 70 kg table is very easy to handle and transportable.

The Gymnco Practice is the most affordable standard-size table tennis table in India that you can rely on to use in your home.


  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Extremely maneuverable
  • Easy to set up
  • Minimum storage space required
  • Playback mode
  • Pocket friendly
  • Affordable solution for home use
  • Great value for money


  • Not recommended for serious learners
  • Add-on items are for basic use

Selecting a table depends on your playing level, budget, and most importantly the quality of the table. These three factors are co-related. If you want a table tennis table for recreation in your home or office, is not necessary to spend 50000 rupees for STAG 1000DX, the best choice for serious learners.

Thickness of the tabletop

It is the prime consideration to judge the quality of a table tennis table. First, you should look at the thickness. The bounce quality heavily depends on it. The thicker the table, the better the bounce. The highest standard is 25 mm, and the minimum requirement should be 16 mm. A 19 – 18 mm table is a good balance for budget and performance.

Material plays its part in quality. MDF tables are smoother and provide better bounce than cheap tables made of particle boards.

Good painting gives the ultimate finishing, durability, and feel of the bounce. High-end tables, like Stag Americas 16, and 1000DX use silkscreen striping on the outer surface in addition to the usual polyurethane multilayer painting. This enhances the precision and trueness of the ball bounce.

The stronger the frame, the better support it can provide the tabletop. A thick steel frame prevents the sagging of the tabletop even after long years. 

The strength of the legs should match the load of the table. As an example, 50 mm square legs are healthier for a 25 mm table with a 50 mm frame.

Also, check the rust-proof coating of all metal parts to ensure longevity. 

Bigger wheels are advantageous for gliding heavy 25 – 22 mm tables, whereas 3” wheels suffice the requirement of a 16 mm lightweight table tennis table.

Screw-on table tennis net
Screw-on Net
Clamp Style Net
Clamp Style Net

Table tennis net is an important consideration for the perfect alignment at the center and good tensioning arrangements. Screw-on nets are the best to maintain the perfect height across the table, whereas clamp-style nets are easy to attach and detach.

All the above-mentioned tables are only for indoors. They must not use outdoors. Outdoor tables are specially designed to withstand water and harsh weather conditions. Outdoor tabletops are made with water-resistant materials like aluminum-plastic composite, and resin laminate. Also, the undercarriage structures are totally rust-proof and sturdier to survive against rain and sudden wind blows.

Here is the summary of the best table tennis in India

Best Overall: STAG Global 1000DX: “Well-finished, ITTF-approved, high-quality competition-level tabletop along with sturdy undercarriage structure

Best for Use in Homes: STAG Global Active 25: “True bounce for an excellent gaming experience and all necessary supports for use in homes

Best Value for Money: Fieldsheer Deuce 701 IN: “Nice looking smooth tabletop, good built-up and rust-proof structure for long use

Best for Recreation: STAG Iconic Stealth: “Safe and convenient to use, hassle-free net system, and easy to move around

Don’t forget to cover your table tennis table with a good quality table cover to avoid dust accumulation and to protect the table surface against scratches, and other minor damages.

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